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“We suffer for the simple reason that suffering is biologically useful. It is nature’s preferred agent for inspiring change. We have evolved to always live with a certain degree of dissatisfaction and insecurity, because it’s the mildly dissatisfied and insecure creature that’s going to do the most work to innovate and survive.“

– Mark Manson

Hey, this is ciruapp


My last creation!

Create a customized mobile app for you and your partner, friends, or family, to keep track of your plans.

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“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

– Henry Ford

The Need for Technological Diversification

Rsz diversification

After almost 5 months working in investment banking, I see the need to diversify to minimize risks in all kind of situations.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about technological diversification. I’m referring to the technology products and services (both web and physical) that we use continuously.

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Business Ideas Vol. III

Bitcoin gold

In this series of posts I will be sharing business ideas that come to my mind to discuss them and see if there is currently something similar or we can get something out of it.

I mainly do this to acquire the habit of creative thinking and although probably most of the ideas are useless or non-viable, I hope they get better with time :).

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24 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know (1/3)


The following tips are not arranged in any special way, they’re all equally important and, although you’d have heard most already, it never hurts to repeat them.

I’ve divided the post in 3 posts to not make a very huge one with the problems that it entails (slow loading, laziness to read everything, etc).

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"Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune."

– Jim Rohn

Recent News from Mt. Gox

Img 20140707 175334

Almost 5 months ago I wrote the post “What is going on with Mt. Gox?” due to the closure and bankruptcy of the, until then, most famous foreign exchange house with bitcoins.

It was a post with possible theories about what happened and what we, the people with bitcoins there, could do.

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Comic about Going Forward


This morning I found this comic in reddit and I really like its meaning so I’m sharing it here.

It uses the graphics of old the old games, which just allowed to go forward, to make a metaphor about life, limits, and how sometimes you have to leave behind things you love to be able to go on…

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