Recent News from Mt. Gox

Almost 5 months ago I wrote the post “What is going on with Mt. Gox?” due to the closure and bankruptcy of the, until then, most famous foreign exchange house with bitcoins.

It was a post with possible theories about what happened and what we, the people with bitcoins there, could do.

One of the speculations was the correct one, the previous year had Mt. Gox suffered an attack in which they lost a lot of bitcoins from themselves and their clients.

They hid it in the hope of generating them so that no one would know anything.

But this February, when the price of bitcoin reached more than $1000 each, there was an avalanche of sell orders that Mt Gox was unable to cope. Probably the rumor of what happened was spreading.

And finally they decided to stop operations, close the website, and give the statement.

But these are not new, this is:

Img 20140707 1752441

This is what I found in my mailbox three days ago.

I freaked out a little bit at first, because it doesn’t say anything about Mt. Gox in the front, just the Tokyo civil court thing. So I thought it was some kind of problems with their customs and something I bought, but nope.

When I opened it I saw the following:

By the way, I don’t know if all Japanese letters are like this one, it has an adhesive that when removing the letter expands into a booklet, very cool.

Img 20140707 175334

What they say is that the company has declared bankruptcy, so they have to make a liquidation of all assets and distribute them to creditors.

They also say it is important that each one of the creditor fill the proofs of claim. I suppose it means to show what you got.

And they invite you to do so at the meeting of creditors (which is made in Japan of course) but they don’t pay the tickets (of course too).

But it doesn’t matter, they say there will be a form in Mt Gox ( by which you’ll be able to do it perfectly.

And nothing else, hopefully they will have something to give out after paying investigations, fines, and attorneys. And the little letters too haha.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore