Business Ideas Vol. II

In this series of posts I will be sharing business ideas that come to my mind to discuss them and see if there is currently something similar  or we can get something out of it.

I mainly do this to acquire the habit of creative thinking and although probably most of the ideas are useless or non-viable, I hope they get better with time :).


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Remove Advertising in Websites as in Apps


Okay, the title is not quite good. What I mean is the common practice in mobile applications (particularly Android) to publish two versions of the same application, a free with ads and other non-free with no ads.

Plenty of people are willing to pay a small amount of money to be able to use the app without annoying ads. Furthermore, the author of the app will earn more this way with that client than by ads, so everybody wins.

Well, the idea is to implement that in conventional web pages; blogs, forums, newspapers, etc.

Everytime you see an ad, on the bottom of it there will be a symbol, that when clicking on it will show you the amount to pay to never see ads again on that page.


Charge a fee for every payment made.

[Game] Climber Kong

I really this name haha. This is a mobile game (Android, iOS) with simple 8-bit graphics (such as Flappy Bird).

There would be a palm tree trunk in the middle of the screen that goes up to infinity. And below, a gorilla grabbed to the trunk.

Well, this gorilla would go up and up the palm tree, at the same time a counter of metres in the upper left corner would increase.

Img 20140411 wa0012

The thing is that the higher the gorilla goes, more will the palm tree swings, and if it swings too much, the gorilla falls and the game is over (then the metres counter show up, along with your ranking and buttons to share your score).

How to prevent the fall of the gorilla?

With your finger. You are the wind, and finger movements do the wind blows one way or another and to varying degrees (depending on the time you slice your finger across the screen).

So if the palm tree swings to the right, you must slide your finger from right to left to put it back straight.


There would be two versions, free with ads and very cheap (60 cents or so) without them.

There could also be implemented some life system so you can buy lifes through the app to try more times.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore