Hey, this is ciruapp

I really miss writting in this blog, it’s gonna be almost 6 months since I stopped doing it.

In this time I have just been consuming information mostly, except for one thing… I have created an (IMO awesome) app called ciruapp, and I wanted to introduce it here.


ciruapp lets you create customized mobile apps for you and your partner, friends, or family, to keep track of your plans.

It’s basically an app creator to manage plans. For free.


The process of creating your app and installing it in your phone homescreen is very very smooth.

These are the steps:

  1. Go to https://ciruapp.com or download ciruapp for Android ciruapp for iOS: Ciruapp1

  2. Scroll down and see a preview of your app: Ciruapp2

  3. Behind the preview you'll have the creator form: Ciruapp10

  4. After filling the fields and tapping on 'create app', you'll receive its link in your email, along with the instructions to add it to your homescreen: Ciruapp3

  5. Open it and introduce the security PIN (only required once). You'll then see this: Ciruapp4

  6. Add plans where it says 'Type a new plan here'. You can order them with the arrows of the left, and access more actions with the dots at the right: Ciruapp5

  7. You can change all the parameters of your app tapping on the three bars at the top of the screen, and then in settings. Here we have changed the background and text colors: Ciruapp6

  8. As you can see in the previous screenshot, you can swipe your plans to the right to delete them, or to the left to set them as done: Ciruapp8

  9. When clicking on a plan, you will get to the plan's page. Here you can add a due date, a description, images, and a location: Ciruapp7

And this is it, you can create as many apps as you want with an unlimited number of plans.

Try it and tell me what you think about it :)


How can I support all this for free?

Well, the first thing to take into account, is that because of the technology I'm using, maintaining ciruapp is pretty cheap.

But still is something, and I would like to earn money with it, so I've been thinking about ways to monetize it.

I got to the conclusion that featured plans would be the best thing for the users and me (I will detail in a future post all the other monetization methods I thought about and why I made this decision).

Technical details

ciruapp is a Meteor app. This means it's an isomorphic JavaScript application connected to a MongoDB database.

It doesn't create apps per se, it's all the same app where some routes (the link I send) will make just some things accessible (the stuff of that user's app) and will set some directives so your mobile browser know what to use as icon and title (when the app is being added to the homescreen).

It works offline thanks to appcache and storing the collections in the browser's localStorage. If you modify serveral plans with no connection, they get stocked in a queue to be executed when the connection is back.

Its design gets adapted to any kind of device (although is optimized for phones) and it will get loaded in less than a second on a good connection.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore