The goods and bad habits of smart people

Yesterday I saw this infography on the web Mapping the Territory  and found it interesting. It is named “The good and bad habits of smart people” and comments 9 habits:


The good ones:

1. They are persistent

Like Thomas Edison with more than 1000 attempts to invent the lightbulb or Bill Gates with the failure of his first business.

2. They set goals

Students who set written goals and share them with friends perform their goals in almost twice occasions than the ones that do not.

3. They are avid readers

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Benefits to reading

4. They are self-disciplined

I don’t understand very well this part because it talks about the probability of teen sex based on IQ. It seems that if your IQ is lower than 100, your probability of teen sex is 5 times greater than the ones with IQ betwen 120 and 130.

5. They think about thinking

Metacognition. This helps to understand the received information, process it and structure it in the memory.

The bad ones:

6. They tend to drink

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Studies show that people with IQ>125 do binge drinking once a month and people with IQ<75 less than once a year.

7. They use drugs

Men with IQ>107 are 2 times likely to use illegal drugs than peers. Interesting fact: women is 3 times.

8. They are night owls

I don’t consider this as a bad thing unless it causes sleep deprivation which can lead to problems such as risk of heart disease, risk of obesity, and likelihood of depression.

9. They are anxious

In a 2012 study, patients with generic anxiety disorder exhibited higher IQ scores than healthy volunteers. This can end up in depression, smoking or neuroticism.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore