Business Ideas Vol. I

In this series of posts I will be sharing business ideas that come to my mind to discuss them and see if there is currently something similar or we can get something out of it.

I mainly do this to acquire the habit of creative thinking and although probably most of the ideas are useless or non-viable, I hope they get better with time :).

Badges system for businesses


So you can see the badges of the business before going inside if it is physical or in its web if it is online. These badges would be “activities” that the business do out of the main goal of making profits.

There would be many kinds of badges, one could be the use of local suppliers, another one the employment of people with disabilities, another for donating a minimum of the profits to NGOs… They could be separated in categories with different colors, there are many possibilities.

I’m sure that many people would be willing to pay a more expensive price in a business with these badges that in other without them. This way, price wars with nothing else in mind that profits would end a little bit and businesses would start to invest in social welfare, thus making the world a little better.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore