Summary of 2013 for Google Ventures

Google Ventures is the venture capital fund of Google. It provides funds to companies with high potential in their early stages (seed and venture) and more advanced stages (growth) in the interest of generating a return through an IPO or a sale.

Google ventures color on white

GV has invested in more than 200 companies including Uber, and  The Climate Corporation.

In the beginning, its operations were concentrated just in the american market but they are gradually being expanded to the rest of the world. Sectors

Its main sectors are:

In its about page, GV says that the investments are not strategic investments for Google, either way, these firms get a lot of support from the big G in design, recruiting, marketing, and more.

This is the review of the 2013 for Google Ventures:


Among all the things it has achieved, I would stand out these ones:

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore