The Need for Technological Diversification

After almost 5 months working in investment banking, I see the need to diversify to minimize risks in all kind of situations.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about technological diversification. I’m referring to the technology products and services (both web and physical) that we use continuously.

The same we do (or should do) with money not putting all our eggs in the same basket, because of the risk of collapse, we shouldn’t trust all our data to the same company.

Rsz diversification

Although being locked into an ecosystem of applications from the same company has several advantages such as synergies between them and similarity of uses, it also has major disadvantages such as the difficulty of getting out of it to try new good alternatives, or the risk of the company falling/data theft.

In this post I will analyze if I’m keeping a good balance between performance and risk minimization. It is also good as a template for you.

To make the analysis the first thing to do is to list all the technology products and services you use in your everyday life, know the company behind them, and lastly, the most competitive alternatives available by other companies.

In the end you see if you too much reliance on a particular company and whether it is worth any changes to diversify.

First the web services:



Service I use: Gmail

Alternatives: Outlook (Microsoft), Yahoo Mail



Service I use: Google Calendar

Alternatives: Calendar (Microsoft), Tempo


Instant Messaging

Service I use: Whatsapp

Alternatives: Telegram, Line



Service I use: Keep (Google)

Alternatives: Evernote, OneNote (Microsoft)



Services I use: Gmail (with Inbox) / Trello

Alternatives:, Wunderlist

Rsz dropbox Rsz drive

Cloud Storage

Services I use: Drive (Google) / Dropbox

Alternatives: OneDrive (Microsoft), Box

Grooveshark Youtube


Services I use: Youtube (Google) / Grooveshark

Alternatives: Spotify , iTunes


News (feeds)

Service I use: Feedly

Alternatives: Comma Feed, Digg Reader



Service I use: Google Maps

Alternatives: Here (Nokia), Bing Maps (Microsoft)


Social Networks

Service I use: Twitter

Alternatives: Facebook , Google+



Service I use: Firefox

Alternatives: Chrome (Google), Internet Explorer (Microsoft)



Service I use: Google Search

Alternatives: DuckDuckGo , Bing (Microsoft)



Service I use: WordPress

Alternatives: Blogger (Google), Tumblr (Yahoo)

Rsz libre Rsz drive


Services I use: Google Drive / LibreOffice

Alternatives: Microsoft Office

And now the physical products:


Mobile Phone

System I use: Android (Google)

Alternatives: iPhone, Windows Phone



System I use: Windows

Alternatives: iPad, Android



System I use: Linux

Alternatives: Windows, Mac OS (Apple)


Desktop (office)

System I use: Mac OS

Alternatives: Windows, Linux


Don’t have yet…

So, out of the 14 services I use most, 9 belong to Google, although in 3 of them I also use an alternative to complement.

No other company is repeated in the list.

I think is too much reliance on Google, although I am very comfortable in their ecosystem and will probably continue as I am, if I get my account stolen (see two factor authentication to minimize this possibility), or they have a failure, two thirds of the services I use would be out.

Also keep in mind that some of them are more critical than other, for example the email is not the same as the browser or the search.

As for physical products, I have one of each literally. In this case, it’s too much diversification because having one of each is less efficient for the following reasons:

What do you think about this topic? Is your situation similar?

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore