What I’ve been doing the last two months?

Hi, I want to say sorry first to the ones following the blog because I’ve gone from 3 or 4 posts per week to 5 in the last two months.

I’ve had several good reasons to do so and I’ll tell you in this post.

1st reason: Petiem


Petiem is a website to make requests to firms. Any user can vote and comment on them, and when shared on Twitter, the firms requested are automatically mentioned.

This way it’ll be possible for customers to help improve the products or services of their favourite firms.

Currently is only available in Spain, but soon it’ll be in other countries too.

2nd reason: Learn to do web apps

Before, I knew how to make simple websites, forums, blogs and such. But know, I’ve learnt to build complex websites like the web app Petiem mentioned before.

The first thing I did after researching what other people were using, was to learn the lenguage Python, and its framework Django. Famous websites such as Instagram or MySpace have used it with success.

Ruby on rails logo

But I didn’t feel very comfortable with it, so I went to its “rival”, Ruby as lenguage and Rails as framework, also called Ruby on Rails. Twitter and Groupon were made with it.

And so, after many books and online videos, I started developing Petiem and learning on the go, while I was facing problems (maaany problems), which is the best way to learn.

After doing and redoing it several times, I’ve acquired some looseness with web programming to put my ideas into services quickly.

I will write a post soon talking about how I learned this language in a month using only free resources.

3rd reason: Migration of servers

I’ve been paying for a managed shared hosting for 3 years, until last week. I started out with OVH one year and the others Hostgator.

There I had all the blogs, forums and simple webs I’ve doing these years.

I wasn’t unhappy with the service, in fact, everything was very easy and fast to do, and the support was good enough.

The problem is that those were shared managed hosting. This means that the recourses of the server were shared among many users, and also that you don’t need to deal with any kind of server configuration.

When you are starting out this is not a problem, but I wanted more control, more security, and more power for my money.

Vps hosting 24x7 support

So I’ve changed to a VPS with DigitalOcean, great company with great prices. For just $5 per month I am hosting all my blogs and they are faster than ever.

At first, it can seem very difficult to do everything by yourself but DigitalOcean has many good tutorials in their community website to learn to do it.

4th reason: The degree

I was in doubt whether to keep studying my degree in business administration or drop it, and I’ve finally decided to finish it.

So I’ve been studying a lot for the May exams, and now for the June ones.

And those are the reasons.

But now I’m back, and I’ll try to be more constant with the blog ’cause I’ve missed it, and it’s having more and more visitors each day so thank you all :).

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore