lovers14 - Give an app as a gift

I've been exploring for a long time the concept of personalized applications. And the technology to achieve it has been improving over time making things simpler.

I already made an aproximation to it with ciruapp which was a native app for iOS and Android, and now I am doing it again with lovers14.

lovers14 - Create a customized app

lovers14 is an app to be able to create apps for your partner, relatives, friends, pet, etc. A piece of internet to share with a loved one that also has useful features.


Technically, it's a web application that creates others and makes them installable.

You can access this example to get an idea about it:

lovers14 - Mike & Susan


It as a basic free version, that offers the ability to choose a background image and a date to count from. Also push notifications for important dates; anniversaries and monthiversaries.

Then there is a paid version for just 4.99 euros that allows you to create more apps, upload more images, and choose the url name that you want. More features coming soon.


Give a web as a gift now with lovers14!