How to avoid pointless arguments

Many times, we are stuck in discussions that are not going anywhere and we just get angry and lose time.

These are good questions to ask yourself before starting to argue:

Couple arguing x

1. Do you both agree on the purpose of what you’re talking about?

For example, if the topic is government policy and each of you think differently of the purpose of the government.

If this happens, then you can never agree on the things that depend on it, like its policy, because the latter is conditioned by the former.

2. Can I change this person’s view?

If the other person does not base his opinions on logic or reason, but in emotions or traditions, no matter how good your argumentation is or how clear is the issue, this person would stick to his guns.

Sales argument

3. Will someone be benefited if the other person’s opinion is changed?

This goes for the people who get engaged in arguments with strangers on social media.

What do you gain? Nothing. What does the others gain? Nothing. Then, let it be.

I now think of the arguments I’ve had lately and I could have avoided the pointless ones asking myself these questions.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore