Business Ideas Vol. III

In this series of posts I will be sharing business ideas that come to my mind to discuss them and see if there is currently something similar or we can get something out of it.

I mainly do this to acquire the habit of creative thinking and although probably most of the ideas are useless or non-viable, I hope they get better with time :).

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Bitcoin Lottery

It would be a website where you could buy lottery tickets with Bitcoins, and the amount collected would be split in half between participants, and promotion of the use of Bitcoin investing in companies related to it.

We should find a way to assign a number to all ticket purchases, because they could be purchased in many ways (but always with Bitcoins) and in different quantities.

Bitcoin gold

I guess the best thing is to require the registration of users (or even give the ability to connect with CoinBase), then each ticket purchase is assigned a number that will increase linearly and if someone buys more tickets, then he gets several numbers.

We have to think about how to choose randomly the winners.

It would be based on a totally unpredictable external event. With external I mean not to use scripts number generators, and stuff like that.

The business model is to keep a small percentage of the amount collected.

Resale of Gift Cards

Many times, when buying in a store, and go later to return the product, instead of returning the money we paid, they give us a gift card of the same value.

The problem is that this card is only redeemable at that store, and in most cases, either we do not like anything else there, or what we want is worth less than our gift card, losing the rest.

Sometimes we buy something we do not want, for simply using them. Or worse, we forget to use them, they expire, and we lose the money.

Img giftcards

Users could join for free and then post their advertisement stating the value and correspondent store.

The first thing to discuss would be to choose between sale and auction, or give the option of both eBay style.

And second, the commission that the web would take, which would be the business model.

This post was written more than 6 months ago, maybe things have changed or I don't think the same way anymore