About me

“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching”

– Gerard Way


Hi :) my name is Daniel Grijuela and I live in Madrid, Spain.

I work as a web developer. I also like creating businesses on the side.

My goal is to be financially free and dedicate myself to learn, travel, and create value for others.


Last update: 07/15/2015

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Web Development
JavaScript (Node, Backbone, React, Meteor)
Ruby on Rails
Server Administration

Other abilities
Creative & Critical Thinking
Business Plan Development
Graphic Design (bitmaps & vectors)
Marketing (A/B Testing & SEO)

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My story

I write this because I really enjoy reading other people's stories, I always find something interesting.

That's why I think that if you like my articles, you may also enjoy reading this, specially if you want to collaborate with me in some project.

Last update: 07/15/2015

Since I was I child, I have always been very curious about everything around me, especially if it's related to technology.

I liked to open electronic devices to see what they had inside and why they worked. I often played around with computers and ended up learning how they worked and feeling comfortable using them.

First steps

Until one day, I had internet access and everything changed. After a while of just using to it to chat with friends, I began to explore more and more and to investigate and learn everything I could of websites and what they were based on.

I created my first blog at 13 which is still online, http://danigp6.blogspot.com.es, although half of it no longer work or is deleted.

In that blog I just wrote things that were funny or interesting for me, I didn’t know anything about monetization methods to get profits. Until I realized all the money that were on the net and started to dig into it.

Profits and lessons

Then I added the AdSense ads service by Google and in no time began to give me money. I was very excited, with that age and earning money that way, but also greedy and I started clicking my own ads to increase profits faster. Google soon realized about that and banned me, bye bye money.

I didn’t give up, in fact now that I knew the potential of what I could do, I tried again harder.

I created a web to download PC & PS2 games in spanish by P2P, something not so common at that time. It was full of ads and the work was almost none because we (a friend and I) copied the content from various sources and published it as ours… It was pretty good and we had fun, until the competence began to increase too much and stopped being worth it to go on. It’s not online anymore.

Then I became interested in other ways to make money online as completing surveys, receiving advertising in the email and more things like that. I lost a lot of time with that, because the trick with it is to invite people. By yourself you just earn pennies a month but if you invite someone, you earn a comission, and sometimes a percentage of this person's future earnings. If you multiply that comission by many people invited, those are many euros per month for free because these people are working for you. This is called multilevel marketing and is very profitable (while there are people under you, and until it collapses).

I saw it clearly, I had to make a website to convince people to sign up on those websites through me, the so called referrals. The first one I had to abandon it because Google erased me from its search due to “forbidden methods” to position myself up in the searches. So I created another one, http://www.ganar-dinero-internet.es, which has been giving me passive income (no work, besides the initial one creating it) for years. It is not online anymore because it started to require some work and it wasn't fun anymore (fun/profit relation).

Road to College

Time went on and I was almost 18 years old, about to finish high school and not knowing what degree to take. I had always thought about engineering (I went to a technological high school) but that idea stopped to attract me due to the easyness to learn the same things by myself, and for experiences of people around me.

For some reason I did not consider any other thing than a university degree, I guess it's what everyone told me was “the thing to do” to succeed in life…

I ended up getting into something practical and entertaining in my opinion, Business Management in the University Carlos III of Madrid. I did it in English.

I soon realized that much of its content was not useful, just garbage, and for for the rest of it I didn’t need to go to class. Why spend hour and a half in class if I could learn it in 15 minutes on my own? But hey, “first year is always like that” they said, so I went on.

I tried to make the second year more interesting by doing at the same time Computer Engineering in the UNED (Spain’s distance learning university) but solved nothing. It was more of the same, I could learn it perfectly on my own, with no pressure, at my own pace, with less money, and without useless topics.


At this time I hit the breaks and started wondering what I wanted from life, what my goals were and what would I do to achieve them.

My conclusion was that I had no idea what I wanted from life, but I knew what I didn’t want.

I didn’t want to work 9-7 everyday. I didn’t want to hate Mondays and be waiting for the weekend everyday. I didn’t want to have anyone above me telling me what I can and cannot do. I didn’t want to be immersed in a routine, an endless cycle. I didn’t want my work to define me. I didn’t want to be continually concerned with others’ problems. I didn’t want to beg for vacation days or tiny wage increases… I didn’t want to give explanations to anyone…


This second year, while I was thinking on this I went through several “businesses”. One was a sports betting crossed system by counterparty, pretty safe actually. I made good money but the system was made illegal on Spain ¬¬.

Another one was poker, I took it seriously, learned a lot and won a couple tournaments, but luck was too decisive in my opinion to devote myself to it.

For its similarity to poker, even though it does not look like it, I went to the financial markets. After many books on technical and fundamental analysis, money management and so, I ended up thinking the same as with poker, luck played a crucial role, at least for small fishes.

Meanwhile I worked at Burger King, where I didn't last long.

Then I became a certified personal trainer and was an intern in a gym, but I was really bored.

I also became a basketball referee and athletics judge, jobs I enjoyed but that stopped motivating me.

I think it was around here when surfing the deep web I ended up buying some bitcoins, 7.8฿ at $5. Probably my best investment, but I ended up losing them in the Mt.Gox's disaster. Now they are valued at $300 each (but they got to be more than $1000)


I don’t remember how, but in this time 2 books came to my hands, Rich dad poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki y The 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferris, which influenced my way of thinking a lot.

They talked about passive income, be your own boss, travel the world, distance yourself from material things… They agreed with the things I talked about before that I didn’t want. They made me think outside of the box and see that an alternative life is possible.

Now I was pretty sure that I wanted to leave college, it would only give me a paper I was not going to need in exchange of a lot of money and time. But I didn’t quit, I was accepted on an Erasmus (a scholarship to study abroad) and I thought I couldn't miss such experience, so I went on with the third year.


The Erasmus was and amazing experience that made me grow as a person. It awake my curiosity about other places, other people and cultures in general. But regarding college, everything remained the same, I was even more convinced about what I said before.

There I worked as “search engine evaluator”, the one who says if the results of an online search are good or not, for the 2 major search engines (cannot say name, but is pretty clear) through 2 consultants, Appen Butler Hill and Leapforce. This made learn a lot about SEO (search engine optimization) and online marketing techniques.

Seeing the light

Between parties, classes and these jobs I still had time to think about my future, and swiss landscapes helped me a lot.


I was sure about what would be my goals in life:

- Be good at everything. A jack of all trades as Da Vinci. I am not interested in being a master of something in particular, I prefer to be good at many different things. And thanks to this, if I need some help I would be able to differentiate between someone who knows what he is doing and someone who isn’t.

And I don’t mean just theoretical knowledge, I mean sports, musical instruments, painting, trades, languages… And much more.

- Know the world. I’m not talking about going from hotel to hotel taking pictures of places, and sculptures. I’m talking about really knowing the world, getting mixed with other cultures, immerse myself in them, learning their languages, hearing totally different points of view to mine, getting closer to nature, the wild, and being in incredible places.

- Adding value to people. The previous points only affect me, however this point is just the opposite. I would like to create and help to create useful products and services for people. I want them to have a good purpose, not just for seeking profit at all costs.

And besides this, the most important thing; enjoy my family, my friends, my girlfriend

As you can see, my goals are not to have a sports car, a house or other typical objectives. I am not materialistic, I don’t want things. But I still need money to live.

The problem is that to be able to do everything I can’t spend time working to get that money, I need to be financially free. This is actually possible, thanks to passive sources of income as interests, dividends, income from rents, royalties from individual properties, etc. At that time, the money I was earning with my referals web was very small to live just with it.

So I decided I would dedicate myself the next years to create online and traditional businesses and help others to do it until I break financial freedom, to devote full time to the objectives before mentioned.

And here I am, I made this blog so you can follow me on the road to achieving my goals and see that another way of life is possible. I will talk about many different but interrelated topics and I will try that everything I write somehow serve as inspiration.

Thank you.

// Update 07/15/2015

After creating Petiem and working for 5 months in investment banking at BBVA, I passed the job interviews at Redradix. I quit the banking job as soon as I could, and started my career as developer, in which I couldn't be happier. A lot of flexibility, regarding hours and methodologies, very interesting projects, and overall, being continually creating things with motivated people.

With everything I have learnt in the 8 months I've been working here, I've created an app called ciruapp which I talked about in Hey this is ciruapp.